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Dancing With The Stars – The Fix Is In

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(It seems trite to talk about fluff when bombs are going off in London but life must go on. I can only say that I hope the British Government finds out who is responsible and sends our crack SAS team to visit them in their sleep)

Well, I thought I’d state my disappointment at the outcome. I don’t mind too much that Kelly won (from the beginning the reality TV boards all said she would as she was the most popular) but in the manner that she won. John and Charlotte never got a single 10 and yet they were always the “couple to beat”.

Watching the freestyle I was 100% sure that John/Charlotte would win the judges vote, Kelly has improved but she never even tries to get over her feet and that makes the whole thing look frantic. When the comments came, I knew the ‘fix’ was in.

I liked the flashback and then the return of the couples. It was great to see how much Joey had improved from that first Cha Cha, couldn’t say the same about Evander but kudos to him for being there. I was sad that we never got to see Trista dance more.

My wife called me right after and said she was disgusted at the ‘vote rigging’, this morning all my co-workers have said the same, that it was ‘clearly fixed’. As we know with Idol, all this means is that more people will watch the next season. As disappointed as I am, I bet I will still be one of them.

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July 7th, 2005 at 6:34 am

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