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I am back from my travels, still somewhat lagged, I think my brain is somewhere between the east coast and here. Got upgraded to business class from London to NY (one of the few upsides to all the air travel I am doing is that AA thinks I am a good customer) which really is the only way to travel trans-Atlantic.

England seems to be ‘two for one’ crazy: the pub we ate at a few times was two meals for the price of one, the supermarkets had many many products that were buy one get one free. I’m not complaining, free stuff is always good (though why it never beer thats two for one?).

Chav is definitely in and big, and Southampton is ChavTown. I think the guys look like dorks but there’s a certain skanky attraction in the chavette’s, at least to my (admittedly non-fussy) taste.

My mum’s condition was a lot better than I had been fearing and improved quite noticeably in the time I was there. She’s still a long way from singing and dancing but we have hope that she can be home in the near future and that’s really all anyone wants at this point. But it was very good to see her and the rest of my family. I will go back again when she gets out of the hospital.

The next big thing for this month should be the arrival of the new MINI, currently somewhere between Miami and Los Angeles, supposed to dock Friday. In the meantime I need to find buyers for my Jeep and current MINI.

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August 9th, 2005 at 8:36 am

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