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Things I Don’t Understand

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  • Why remake the Pink Panther movies, Steve Martin may be funny but there is only one Inspector Clouseau
  • The people on Judge Joe Brown – yesterday a woman was writing cheques she couldn’t cash but blamed the person she gave them to for depositing them before she had the funds. And another woman trashed a car she thought was her ex-boyfriend’s but actually belonged to a total stranger. She thought she was innocent as she hadn’t meant to damage someone else’s car. Who are these people???!!
  • People who buy low budget fares on airlines and expect the airline to treat them like executive passengers when things go wrong. You paid $50 for a roundtrip and now want a hotel and free flight on a different airline? If the flight was that important to you, maybe you should have bought a proper fare on a larger carrier. And don’t get in the face of the gate agent, you cheap bastard!
  • American Football and Baseball. Yeah, I know 50 million people can’t be wrong so maybe it’s just TV coverage that sucks, because if I watch any part of these games I really do want to kill myself after just a few minutes.
  • Why do people buy the PT Cruiser? Thanks to the Aztec and that awful Chevrolet vehicle the Cruiser isn’t the ugliest car on the road but please don’t pull alongside me and smile like our cars are kin.

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February 8th, 2006 at 2:09 pm

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