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England 1 – Paraguay 0

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The highlight of this match for me was my TiVo. I deliberately got up 20 minutes late so there would be some “tape in the bank” so I could fast forward over the half time show. It also meant I could fast forward over the many times one of the Paraguay players rolled around on the grass “hurt”.

Oh yeah, there was a game though not much of one. England need to shape up if they want to win this thing. I’ve never liked the send the ball forward, hope it hits the head of an attacker strategy the national team uses. Give the ball to Joe Cole, let him run with it, take them on and get people into positions. They should play how the Premiership teams play, aggresive attacking.

As with all England games, each one is going to be in doubt until the final whistle.

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June 10th, 2006 at 7:11 am

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