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High tech Tokyo toilets can be hazardous. The stalls in the Sony office have heated seats and are fairly uncomfortable to sit on, in my view. Today I noticed a warning label that “low temperature burns” may occur with people with sensitive skin. Try explaining that to people. The same toilets also have an extra button for “powerful deodorizer” if needed.

Is my sense of ‘them and us’ really justified, or the result of too much reading and listening to others. Its certainly hard to feel at home when you can’t read the signs, understand what people are saying, or go into buildings without knowing for sure you are welcome. But I know people, my friend Steve included, who have lived here for many years and will say that you are always treated well but never allowed into the local culture. But, as Jim said today, if this is being treated poorly, it isn’t bad.

Everyone here is so fit and healthy looking. People of ‘average’ (by UK/US standards) build stick out like a sore thumb, not that you see them that often. Everyone is moving fast all the time. It makes me laugh to think of some stuck up California health freaks coming over here and looking like heifers, everyone here is so thin. And yet so many people smoke themselves silly. Perhaps it is genetics.

I’m not cut out for staying in “decent” hotels. Its only $250 a night here at the regular rate but there is hardly anyone not wearing a business suit at breakfast or dinner. Last night I was thinking of getting a steak at the Rib Room. The online menu said a sirloin steak started at $80. Yikes. Made do with a couple of $12 glasses of wine instead.

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October 23rd, 2006 at 4:16 am

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