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PS3 Launch Post

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According to this report at MSNBC, a total of 88,400 PS3 were sold over the weekend in Japan. What I find odd is that supposedly 100,000 PS3s were shipped so what happened to the remaining 11,600? Everything I’ve read says everywhere was sold out so I suspect this isn’t quite accurate. The interesting thing is that a lot less than 88,000 games were sold which means a great many console buyers did not buy a game to play. At first I thought this was mighty odd but then I realised that these were consoles designed for immediate resale, “used” PS3s are already selling at twice the retail price in Japan. Though this is nothing compared to this ebay auction where a pre-order for a PS3 went for $9100!

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November 13th, 2006 at 12:51 pm

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