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Time For A New Job?

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So you get to a new company, after three months you are put on the project from hell – testing server code for people who don’t want you to do it in the first place, oh and they are in Japan, and you hate testing, and everyone where you work wishes the project didn’t exist – then get put in a group whose sole focus is a technology totally opposite from the one you were hired to do. Despite this, you get through it (admittedly with much whining) and manage a decent performance review.

And then you get a 2% pay raise.

Now, its not totally my boss’ fault, he asked for more but HR said I was already earning ‘too much’. My boss basically says to suck it up and perhaps things will be better for me next year though I could have exactly the same situation.

At some point I think Teri and I will be leaving California (NZ isn’t totally off the table) and I really don’t want any more jobs before then but maybe I can squeeze one more in….

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May 2nd, 2007 at 7:12 pm

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