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Google Calling!

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As with most calls to my cell phone, I didn’t answer the one today and unusually the caller left me a voicemail. Well, it was a pleasant lady claiming she was from Google and did I want to apply for a job at their new Irvine campus? And to prove it, I later got an email with some job details and a repeat of the request.

I applied for a job with them in Santa Monica a few years ago and was turned down, and it appears that my resume was still in the system for my name to come up. I’m not sure I am Google material, and I am really not sure if I am ready to work in Irvine but it sure was nice to get a call from a company that most everyone would love to work for.

And in case my employer is watching? Thanks for last week’s bonus and I have a doctor’s appointment next week, yes, that’s it.

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June 26th, 2007 at 8:17 pm

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