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Almost Bought an iPhone

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I decided yesterday that I was going to buy an iPhone on the way home. This was in part due to a feeling that I needed some major retail therapy, and by watching a lady use various aspects of her iPhone while waiting at the DMV yesterday. That thing is cool!

Fortunately for my bank balance a co-worker (and iPhone owner himself) talked me out of it. Mostly he reason was that I would be a hypocrite to buy one after all the things I said to him when he bought his, and he said to wait until a 3G version comes out. So, for now, Apple owns a little less of me.

In other news, I have now upgraded all my blog sites to 2.3. All went smoothly except for this site. Importing the tags from Ultimate Tag Warrior doesn’t seem to have worked very well and so for now the tags on here are hit and miss. I’ll look at that if and when I can be bothered. Oh, might also switch themes soon.

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October 3rd, 2007 at 9:16 am

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