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Some Times I Despair

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I’ve been involved in interviewing contractors at work, we’ve been looking for a bunch of Java web application developers and I’ve probably been involved in 7 interviews so far. Part of the interview is to do some on the feet thinking, to design a small component. I don’t care about the end result so much as the thought process. With the exception of two people, all the candidates were rubbish. Everything else would go great but come to do any real thinking and it’s a disaster.

The resumes had me jealous of the experience and cool projects, but I have to wonder what these people are actually doing. Is the candidate pool in the tech world really so poor? It does give me hope that I can find something else when the time comes – if I can get my less-exciting resume through the phone screens….

One more onsite interview tomorrow, and if she is no good then its back to phone screens. Ugh.

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March 5th, 2008 at 6:20 pm

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