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Despair Part 2

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At the end of our interview we ask our candidates to do a simple software design on the white board; yesterday’s candidate was so confused by the idea that she never even took hold of the pen, let alone stand up out of her chair. This is like interviewing potential home designers and saying could you sketch where the furniture would go in the new TV room. You’d expect them to draw a square and put some marks or words like ‘sofa’ or ‘table’. Maybe they would ask you questions – what furniture? Do you have a preference? You would not expect them to just stare at you and say they nothing.

I phone screened all three applicants this week and something I had been concerned about in advance was language difficulties – all the candidates were Indian. All three had spoken clearly and succinctly on the phone so it was a shock to meet them in person and find that we could all barely communicate. And it wasn’t just me, my co-interviewers (both Americans) could not understand them (or they understand us) either. So we’ve come up with a conspiracy theory. The phone screens aren’t the candidates at all, we speak to some well-spoken and knowledgeable person who gets through that hurdle, but then the real person shows up and it’s a totally different experience.

Anyway three interviews this week, all pretty much the same. Three more next week but they are from a different agency so I have hope of a higher quality.

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March 7th, 2008 at 1:12 pm

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