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New Household Projects

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A little tax refund has led to kicking off some household projects this last weekend:

  • A new bbq – knew it was finally time for a new one after the boxer puppy ran off with the cable that goes between the battery and the spark. No, we did not spend $2000 on it.
  • ceiling fan for the living room – started to install it but there doesn’t appear to be a ceiling joist we can use to mount it to, will call in the semi-pros (if they’re not too busy grilling on their $2k grill)
  • outdoor speakers – bought some cheapos for mounting to the pergola but the wood is so hard I could not get the screws in far enough. Will have to get some molly anchors and screw to the house instead. Oh, and we need a semi-pro to bring a masonry drill (if he’s not too busy installing our fan)
  • roofing for the pergola – hope to extend the time we are able to stay outdoors by putting some stuff on the beams, provide some shade for us and the animals in the summer. Haven’t purchased it yet though.
  • floor tiles for the living room – job for the real pros, later.

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April 14th, 2008 at 11:39 am

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