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A Little Politics (uh oh)

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So the big convention speeches are done and I didn’t see one of them, but I did read the news, the blogs, the tweets and I must say that I am astounded at how polarised this country is. It seems like you are either crazy for Obama and think everyone else is plain stupid, or crazy for McCain and think everyone else is plain stupid. And if you think both candidates are equally poor then you are just even more stupid than the other two groups. Whoever wins, how can any good thing come out of this situation? Half the population is going to be permanently unhappy – and neither candidate gives a hoot.

I don’t know how it is here, but in the UK when a new party takes power they do ok for a while but the longer they stay, the bigger the eventual backlash – think Thatcher and Blair, both despised by everyone by the time they left office, though much cheered when they started. To me, this is just how it is.

So, let’s say we get 8 years of Obama. It’s guaranteed that he’ll make lots of unpopular decisions during that time [*] so will there be big demonstrations outside the DNC when he becomes unpopular? Or is that strictly a democratic party supporter thing ? I suppose it doesn’t help that all the unemployed hippies who have time for protest are democrats? 🙂

Just some thoughts on this Thursday night. Ok, next time I’ll go back to the puppet theatre!

[*] though given his speeches so far it may be that he isn’t able to make any decisions of any kind, just talk about making them [**]
[**] I’m a liberal, no doubt about that. And when Obama first came on to the scene I thought how great this fresh air was. But, months on, I am still waiting for more than that, and the longer I wait the more sour I become. [***]
[***] Yes, I might end up voting for Nader! [****]
[****] There are no more footnotes.

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September 4th, 2008 at 7:54 pm

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