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Stupid Emails

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It seems like a long time since I received a good phishing or other malware e-mail, these days they are either in Russian, or similarly unreadable, not to mention pointless. But I enjoyed the two I got today…

First, I got one claiming to be from Equifax, saying that in order to continue using the ePort system I need to click on a link and fill in the form. Yeah, right, of course I do. I’ve never heard of ePort but more importantly the email doesn’t show a link in Thunderbird so there isn’t even anything for me to click on. Idiots.

Second, I have an email from “UPS” (though oddly they choose to write to me from a domain other than their own) saying that the package I mailed on September 1st has been delayed and would I please fill in the attached form. Ok…. hmm… the attachment is a zip file… and it contains… ups_invoice.exe. Not a bad try, I suppose.

Anyway, I remain phish and virus-free for another day.

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September 10th, 2008 at 10:14 am

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