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I Want to be an Air Traffic Controller

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I do. I think it would be a cool, mental challenge to sequence planes so that everyone gets where they are going without making that horrible screeching noise when metal rubs on metal. There is currently a shortage of ATCs, which is predicted to be a major shortage in a few years time. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association says about staffing levels in SoCal.

Los Angeles Traffic Control: 310 positions authorised to work at facility, 272 actually employed, only 217 fully trained and working. This number will drop to 206 by end 2005.
SoCal Radar Approach: 260 positions authorised to work at facility, 248 actually employed, 241 fully trained and working. A shortage of 106 controllers is predicted next year.

This week the FAA announced a scheme to aggressively hire new ATCs and to extend the mandatory retirement age for some, so if you want to be an ATC get your applications in (but expect a 1 in 4 failure rate on the course). But I won’t be sending in my application, there is a maximum age of 30 for applications so I am too over the hill for this ‘dream job’. Was that a sigh of relief I hear??

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December 23rd, 2004 at 9:34 am

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