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I Have Arrived!

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Since Feb 2008 I’ve uploaded 29 videos to YouTube. Most get 40-60 views, a few have over 100, one has over 400 but really I’m just a pimple on the buttocks of the video giant.

So imagine my surprise today when I got an email saying someone had uploaded a video response to one of my videos. And not a recent one, one from May of this year in fact. Some of you may remember my sad puppet tale of H1N1 in the house – some of you will have taken therapy or drugs to erase the memory.

But somehow, some way, somebody found my video and decided to waste 30 seconds of their life making a retort. Friends, I have arrived.

The original video:

The response:

Can a Best Director be far away??

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November 19th, 2009 at 9:48 pm

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