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Steel Gone Bad

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I bought a bottle of wine Weds night from a 7/11 near Montgomery Fielld airport (premium gas was only $2.06!!!), got it home and was screwing my cork screw into the cork when the metal just sheared in half. It took no effort, I was twisting it and without warning the metal piece just broke in half. I tried all manner of things to push the cork in the bottle but wasn’t able to do it. I put the bottle in the fridge whilst I thought about it some more.

On the way home last night I remembered that I had another corkscrew in the MINI! I found a space in the top of the cork where I could get the corkscrew in, was twisting it in nicely and, bam, the damn thing twisted in half again. So this cork destroyed two strips of metal and I gave up and went alcohol free. I wish I’d had my leatherman tool with me, that horse’s hoof dealie might have been just the ticket!

In other news the world is getting much hotter due to global dimming. No, not the intelligence of SUV drivers, but we’re getting less sunlight apparantly and this is making the world hotter. Go check it out.

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January 14th, 2005 at 8:25 am

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