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Imposter at the airport!

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(You may have noticed that this blog has kinda died, I’m posting most things on my tumblr or Facebook, not sure there will be much to see here going forward)

Today I was flying to San Francisco and while walking through the departure area the boarding pass of a guy sat near the newsstand caught my eye: it said Paul Sanders on it. I thought what is the chance of that! So I circled around and got a better look – he was on the same flight as me. Now, the chances of that really are amazing. So amazing that I decided to point this out to him.

Not sure English was his first language or at least listening to (English) English wasn’t hs thing and he protested that no his name was (something garbled). I pointed to the name on my boarding pass and the name on his and said “same!” and he nodded, and I walked away.

Standing in line to get on the plane he was just ahead of me and that’s when I started to worry. This all started to seem way too coincidental! Had I been picked to be the innocent victim while my namesake took part in act of terror? They scanned my boarding pass and I was denied. Crap.

I had to go back to the checkin desk and explain it, he called the guy at the gate and said stop boarding you need to get the other guy off the plane. The desk guy showed me a boarding pass in the name of Fred Sadners, saying this is the guy who walked onto the plane as me. The theory is that he had asked for a boarding pass reprint and the agent had printed out mine and given it to him.

Anyway, I was told to go to the plane and as I walked down the aisle I met my “namesake” coming back up. Shortly after I was seated he came back on the plane.

Flying can be an adventure!

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November 18th, 2010 at 8:39 pm

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