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What is it about cars and stupidity? Friday evening on the way home and again this morning on the way to San Diego, I’m in fierce rain, near zero-visibility in the spray off the road and people are driving with no lights on. Apart from the fact that its illegal, its damn stupid, people.

And Friday night on the way home there are huge convoys of RVs heading for the desert as usual. But its rained for days and the forecast is for storms for the weekend and beyond so where do they think they’re going? Well, they end up spending the weekend in every large parking lot in town; Von’s, McDonalds etc. Near impossible to do any shopping with every space filled with RVs bigger than a house. How hard is it to look at a weather forecast and determine that leaving home didn’t make sense? I think all those diesel fumes must rot the brain or something. Its just stupid, people.

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February 22nd, 2005 at 11:29 am

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