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Graduation Rant

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So its high school graduation time and every parent is ‘oh so proud’. When did it become a major event to get a kid through school? They even have pre-school graduation ceremonies – is it so unlikely that a kid will not die of drugs, HIV or who knows what that they need a ceremony ? And of course no ceremony is complete without the parents having to shell out for a major gift (I bet the number of new car owners increased dramatically this week). Its little wonder that kids here have such an entitlement attitude, when you grow up thinking that you’re a hero just for getting out of bed and doing some homework each day its no wonder that you think you’re too good to get a job and actually earn a living for yourself. If I see one more picture of 6 year olds in cap and gown receiving ‘diplomas’ I swear I’ll drink another vodka.

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June 17th, 2005 at 8:26 am

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