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Good Riddance 2005

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2005 was definitely my family’s annus horribilis and stayed that way right until the final hour. Obviously the lowlight of the year was my mother’s death, but we’ve also endured my sister losing her mother-in-law, having two cars smashed up within a month of each other and a whole other bunch of crap.

So we get home around 9.30 New Year’s Eve and its obvious that someone has been in the house. Fortunately, before I left I installed a couple of motion sensing cameras and so had over 100 photos of clueless teenagers enjoying our hospitality over several days. Turns out that one of my step-daughter’s friends ‘found’ a key to the house and were regularly letting themselves in to use the hot tub and who knows what else. The odd thing is that clearly didn’t care that about being caught – wet towels in our laundry room, doors left locked and unlocked, lights on etc. And these aren’t kids, they are all 18-20, and clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about anything. Well, maybe they will when the law comes knocking on the door. I did have to laugh though, two of them tried to deny it until they were told they had been on camera. Anyway when I find some decent ones I’ll post some pics of the dumbf*cks.

Then around 10.30pm I realised that we didn’t have my carryon bag at home, turns out we must have left it (or had it stolen) at the commuter terminal whilst trying to chase down our missing bags (yeah, the journey was grand too!). Contents: my passport, my video iPod, my iPaq and a stuffed bear of some personal value. So far no one has handed it in but I have my fingers crossed that at the very least someone will return the passport and the bear, even if they decide they like my ‘tunes.

So good riddance to you 2005.

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January 2nd, 2006 at 6:53 am

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