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Gisa Job?!

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I think I’ve blogged before that I am employed by a San Diego firm to work on site at one of the military bases in the area; per their instruction, I currently can’t name names.

Well, that contract was cancelled abruptly at the end of last year and my primary employer has been scratching its head over what to do with me, and one other guy in the same boat. Their biggest problem is that they are exclusively .Net product development so they have no Java work to put us on. So far this year we’ve been on overhead but got a call yesterday to expect an email “inviting” me to HR today to “take care of business”.

Well, business is being taken care of – after today I am a free man. Anyone want to hire a J2EE, Oracle, blah blah person?? Heck, or even pay me to get my commercial piot licence and I’ll fly you around! That would be sweet.

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January 10th, 2006 at 9:11 am

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