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So… About That Break-In

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As I already mentioned some of Brawley’s finest young adults decided to use our house as their playground whilst we were away in England over Christmas. They first broke in when my in-laws were here feeding our dogs, the two girls said they had permission from Erin to use the hot tub. First clue that things were amiss was that they didn’t know how to get to the hot tub. Later during the week my mother-in-law noticed doors open, lights on or off that she hadn’t set and so was certain people had been in the house.

Before we left I had set two cameras – one on top of the fridge downstairs which would show activity in the living room, and the other looking out from the computer, the idea being to capture an image of the computer being stolen but it also looked out to Erin’s bedroom.

The security software was supposed to email me the pictures but it never did, seems to be a bug in the program otherwise we would have known right away. So after looking around I went to my PC and there were the idiots in all their glory – busted.

The girl who everyone pointed the finger at as the instigator said she would come round to apologise but she never did so we called the police on the Monday after New Year’s. My dealings with Brawley’s finest have always been somewhat puzzling and this was no different. The young officer kept telling us that whilst what the louts did was wrong, it was certainly understandable; after all, when he was a kid somewhere to get away where there were no parents was priceless. He clearly thought we were wasting his time but we told him we wanted a police report written and for him to speak to the girl.

He comes back later with the girl outside, saying that her story is that Erin gave her permission to use the spa and Erin’s boyfriend had a spare key that he gave them for access. We cry BS and say that even if Erin did give permission, as a minor it is not her’s to give. Also if permission was for the spa, that didn’t include being inside the house.

He goes back out and after a while brings the girl in. The story is now slightly different, she still maintains she had permission to use the spa from Erin but agrees that she had no right to be in the house. Her story went that they arrived without towels and rather than go home she remembered that Erin had left her key in her car a long time ago so they would just use our towels instead – we have many pictures of them trying to find them. She admitted they had been all over the house looking for towels and that it was wrong to be in the house, and to invite her friends to party in the house.

I asked her what she had been doing in Erin’s room, apart from using it to change clothes. “I don’t recall being in Erin’s room” was the response, well we have pictures of you, the other girl and from time to time a guy going in there. No, she doesn’t remember any of that, quite certain they were never in there. So its not quite the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth we’re getting here.

She acts apologetic but I think thats mostly because (a) she got caught and (b) her father was home when the policeman went around and gave her a hard time about it. I don’t think any of the ignorant asses feel any remorse or guilt. One of the guys is Erin’s boyfriend, he won’t even speak to us when he comes to the house, let alone offer an explanation or apology.

I don’t know how these kids sit and lie when we have the evidence in front of them, or how they can not care about breaking into someone else’s house. But when the Police act like its ok then really what point is there in doing anything about it?

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January 13th, 2006 at 11:15 am

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