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Headhunters and Other Animals

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I hate looking for a job. I thought the only reason to be mad at DefenseWeb Technologies for laying me off was for breaking their promise that they were not going to lay me off no matter what happened, but now I know that the real reason to be mad is that I have to deal with head hunters.

They are so upbeat, optimistic, but most of them have nothing to offer but empty statements. They want me to visit them and be ‘interviewed’, insist it can’t be done on the phone. But when you get there, its just a re-reading of the resume, most of the time with no clue as to what any of it means. It could have been done over the phone without making me drive for 2 hours each way. They put you forward for positions that I swear don’t really exist as I never hear from them again. Everyone I speak to says the same thing whether it be here or back in England.

On the positive side I think I may be close to a new position. I’m having a face to face on Friday for a job that sounds really interesting. They are looking for a boatload of developers and can’t find any; yeah, basically they’re desperate! Wish me luck.

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January 25th, 2006 at 2:00 pm

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