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Roe vs Wade for Men

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So I was watching CNN this morning and saw this article about giving men parental choice, like women ‘currently do’. In essence these guys want the right to say “you have the choice to have or not to have the baby, and I have the right to say that if you have it I will not be responsible”. The guy bringing the lawsuit said he told the girl he didn’t want to be a father but they got pregnant anyway – why should he have to pay anything towards it, she knew his wishes. What an idiot. We don’t need a law to ‘protect’ men from being fathers, we have things called condoms, maybe next time this guy should try one. Read more about these halfwits at the National Center For Men.
Is it me or are we becoming a nation of people who won’t take responsibiity for anything. I got you pregnant – not my deal! I spilled hot coffee on my lap whilst driving – not my fault! Come on people, be adults, not children.

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March 15th, 2006 at 10:00 am

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