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E3 Almost Here

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[Update:] I have my floor pass… and just read this description of the show which makes it sound like sooooooo much fun!

Where the Japanese [games expo attendees] neatly lined up to collect t-shirt bundles dispensed by girls dressed up in Dead or Alive bikinis, E3 is populated by people who will actually punch you in the head for walking across their camera shot when you’re in a hurry. They get very indignant, because they are trying to find non-existent open space in a hall of 50,000 people, most of whom haven’t heard of deodorant and even more of whom are dehydrated enough not to care that much about whether their huge bag of useless pamphlets is smacking you in the crotch.

Its only a few days now until E3 2006 in Los Angeles. As of current writing, looks like will be there for the first day of the expo on Weds. We hope to play lots of games and take lots of pictures of the melee. According to many sources, the booth babes will be much more covered up this year but your roving reporter will hope to pick up a few scoops, er, so to speak. For all the pre-show hype, check out the E3 Essentials Round-Up at Next Generation.

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May 4th, 2006 at 12:36 pm

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