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Playstation3 News

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E3 is here and today was the much anticipated Sony press conference and, the long awaited PS3 pricing details. So now we know that the PS3 will be availble in the US on November 17th and will come in $499 and $599 flavours (20Gb vs 60Gb disk).

I watched the event live on, kudos to them for broadcasting it. It was strangely un-exciting, nothing much seemed to get the audience fired up. Highlight for me was the Grand Canyon track from Gran Turismo 4 in true HDTV. The new controller was a big deal, hard to see on the small internet broadcast, bluetooth, wireless, the demonstrated moved it in space and it moved on the PS3 display. Sweet.

You can get your E3 news fix, including pictures of the PS3, the controller, and various screenshots:

I’ll be there Wednesday to give you the hot poop on everything going on. That is, if I can get anywhere near the damn exhibits.

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May 8th, 2006 at 7:28 pm

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