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E3 Swag

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Emptied the bag of swag at the weekend, I did better than many here but not as well as I had anticipated. Largely this was because it was quite difficult or time consuming to get any good stuff But I did come home with:

  • two free t-shirts
  • 10 gaming/PC magazines
  • 6 game posters
  • playstation3 and nintendo Wii lanyards
  • a “powered by the UK” pin badge
  • a couple of kanagaroo badges
  • a squeezy minature basketball

I missed out on the big ticket item – Paris Hilton was at the show Thursday and her entourage were giving out pairs of panties in celebration. A few people here got them, and I think I’ll resist and comment about them.

I can’t believe people are selling their swag on ebay. That advertising packet from Square Enix is apparantly “RARE and EXCLUSIVE”, same with the Playstation 3 lanyard. Some of this stuff is selling for anywhere from 99c to $2.50!! Who knew I could get rich from going to a game show.

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May 16th, 2006 at 8:32 am

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