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Spam, Spam, Go Away

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Looks like the blog comment spammers were busy overnight, my two sites, eschwa and wtf were all hit by the comment spammers. I had a couple of hundred to get rid of at the MINI blog site. So, since I can’t legally hunt them down and torture them, I’ve installed a bunch of anti-spam plugins to see if that helps any.

Also planned this long weekend is the ‘upgrade’ from Eudora to Thunderbird. I’ve been a Euroda user for over 7 years but I am tired of it crashing on a daily basis (and I have spoken to others who suffer the same) when there are images in an email, or you delete an email ‘too quickly’. Of course, being a good computer guy I’ll be backing up my old email directory just in case and all that good stuff. I’ll post an update as to how well it goes.

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November 25th, 2004 at 12:08 pm

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