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Bad Doggie!

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For some reason people bring their dogs to work all the time, probably not a day without at least one dog in the building, and we’re not talking miniature poodles, either.

This could be coming to an end, though. On Monday one of the project managers left his dog in his office for a couple of hours while he attended a meeting. According to reports, the dog started barking and howling until eventually his boss went and got him to tell him to take care of the animal. On opening the office door, an odorous stench escaped and all could see that the dog had enjoyed ripping up whatever he could get into his jaws and, at the same time, suffered some kind of rectal issue.

It was bad enough that 10 minutes later the entire office was sent home lest the smell make them sick.

This all happened in a different part of the building so I didn’t get to enjoy the experience but the guy who owns the dog is an idiot so I think it’s pretty funny. Probably going to ruin the dog-friendly environment though.

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May 7th, 2008 at 4:24 pm

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