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The Annual St. Patrick’s Day Rant

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Ok people here we go again – time to break out the green beer (well, Budweiser), colour your rivers green and wear green to work. Oh, look how Irish I am. Hey, here’s a picture of my ancestor Obama McShamus on our potato farm and one day I will return to the home land and claim my birthright (yeah, and Ahnold is going to save California from the crapper). Ooh, a little politics this year!

So enough with the fake accent, the phony family tree and the beer bragging (though I do envy anyone who can swallow Guinness, let alone do it twice). How about this year you spin your globe and celebrate somewhere different instead. I did, and I’m proud to say today is St. Mugabe day – who knew my first cousin’s pig’s great grandfather’s cat was once petted by the man himself! Hey Robbert, save me a farm!

Don’t make me have to come with this crap again next year!

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March 17th, 2009 at 12:01 am

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