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Pondering My Mobile Strategy

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I’ve been an iPhone user now for 2 and some years, totally loved the experience for the most part and I certainly don’t think I could give up the “internet anywhere” that I have gotten used too. However I have been thinking about switching from the iPhone for a couple of reasons:

  • AT&T sucks, on the train from New Orleans to Palm Springs, coverage was poor to zero even when others had service on other carriers
  • Apple’s increasing strategy of closing down their devices to just the things that they want me to do; I just don’t like that

Now, today in the iPhone OS4.0 grand reveal we learned that the Big New Thing, multitasking, will be out soon but not for the 3G version of the iPhone that I have so this seals the deal: time for a new phone.

I’ve had my eye on Android devices for a long time, Android 2.1 sure looks pretty and the app store is growing, and no one censors what I can or cannot buy (I’d love to see Apple approve the Mini Opera app, for instance). I know a couple of people who love the Droid and today’s rumour that the HTC Incredible is coming to Verizon sure looks promising.

But then there will be a new iPhone announced in June, maybe we’ll see the long awaited “extra carrier” (I’m assuming it will be T-Mobile) which could keep me the phone I like and still ditch the carrier I don’t.

The gadget buyer in me wants me to get something now but I know whatever I do I’ll regret it in a month. But then again, if I wait until June I’ll still probably regret it in a month then, too.

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April 8th, 2010 at 11:42 am

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