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Getting Rid of Electronics

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Used to be a time when getting rid of used electronics was a breeze, there was always someone wanting to buy what I was replacing. But these days, not so much. I’ve quite a few things around the house that I’d love to get rid of:

  • A Series 2 TiVo with a large hard drive in it – I put this on Craigslist at a steal price but all I got were people asking if I had a (transferable) lifetime subscription to go with it. I don’t. No one wanted it.
  • A Sony 5-disc CD unit, looks nice on your hi-fi stack, sounds great. Of course it’s old, won’t play new-fangled SACD or MP3 CDs but it’s still a decent item
  • Dell Axim X51v which I used to use as my aviation GPS. I tried selling this on the forums that support the aviation software but only two people were interested and they wanted to buy it, and my software, for about a quarter of the ‘as new’ cost.
  • A Sony MiniDisc unit. So MiniDisc never caught on in the consumer market but it was a great platform for music. When I had my MiniDisc player stolen out of my Jeep (along with all my MDs) I gave up on the format. I doubt anyone wants this, either.

And I’m sure there are other things too. I suppose I could take them to some e-waste site for free and at least be rid of them, but it saddens me that no one wants any of it.

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January 16th, 2009 at 9:19 am

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