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Dance With The Stars: A Review

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Had to comment on last night’s opening episode of ABC’s Dance With The Stars.

Overall, I thought it was enjoyable entertainment, though the show really doesn’t know whether it wants to be American Idol (all the criticism was constructive so why the booing from the audience?) or Martha Stewart-like (no, not criminal, but refined and elegant). I think thas been a problem with dancesport for a long time, its hard for the public to take it seriously as a sport but at the same time the public doesn’t much care if its all ball gowns and elegance.

Dance-wise, I thought all the celebs did pretty well. In 5 weeks of training they aren’t ever going to become accomplished so I was hoping to see presentation and performance. My favourites were definitely John and Charlotte, and Rachel and Jonathan. Special mention goes to Edyta for a body that just wouldn’t quit and reminding me what I used to love the most about competing.

I didn’t much care for the professional intro’s, all arrogance and ego. Now I know most of these people don’t need prompting to brag about themselves but it was hard to take the likes of Alec Mazo boasting about himself. Please Alec, you are second-tier at best, you should be cleaning the other pros’ shoes after the show.

I liked the first waltz but the other two waltzes looked too much like latin dancing, which is not surprising since the guys involved were latin dancers. A little disappointing though as surely they could have performed it correctly if they are the dancers they claim to be. Louis, especially, is a legend of the dance world and I thought would do it better. But I hope he and Trista make it to the next round just so I can see him over-dance in the latin dances. I feel sorry for Trista, I doubt he will be dancing with her next week, only at her. My least favourite couple were Alec and his partner and I hope they are the ones eliminated next week.

So, all in all, an enjoyable hour. I wish the style of the show was consistent but any time dancing is on TV and not the butt of everyone’s jokes, its a good thing. I’ll be watching for the next few Wednesdays.

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June 2nd, 2005 at 6:54 am

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