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Thunderbird Migration

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I have completed the first step in migrating away from Eudora but some things bother me about how it looks like Thunderbird works so for now I am running the two in parallel for a while (which is probably the sensible thing to do anyway).

In particular, it doesn’t look like the program fetches mail from all my accounts, only the one I’ve deemed the default. I have 8 POP accounts defined, all set to fetch every 10 minutes, but its been 25 minutes since I sent a test email to one of the non-default addresses and it hasn’t shown up. The one I sent to the default account was fetched. I am sure I don’t need to click the “Get Mail” button for every account but right now I don’t have confidence that it will fetch all the emails for every account. Something I will watch for this weekend.

The other annoyance is that it seems like I can’t import my Eudora message filters of which I have probably a 100. I really don’t want to have put them all in by hand but it looks like I have to. And that is made worse by the fact that it doesn’t look like Thunderbird lets you do filters the easy way: in Eudora you can select a message, click on ‘make filter’ and the new filter window appears filled in with all the likely filters from that message pre-populated. You just choose the ones you want and there it is. No such neatness here, it seems.

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November 27th, 2004 at 11:44 am

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