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I heard somewhere there’s an election on today! Well, thanks to my recent citizenship, I received a mail-in ballot so I am pretty sure the rumours are correct. Odd that I haven’t seen anything on TV 🙂

I filled my card in a couple of weeks ago but Teri will take it to the polling station with her today. Not that I think my vote will count for much – don’t need to count the votes to know that my Presidential candidate certainly didn’t win. I did vote yes on a couple of state Propositions, be interesting to see if they pass. Locally, a friend of the family is standing for a position against an incompetent incumbent who has run a pretty negative campaign; hopefully he will win.

Not sure what channel to watch the events unfold on. Usually Keith Olberman is my choice for these things but I can’t take his over-the-top pro-Obama stance so will look elsewhere, maybe CNN is the best of a bad bunch? BBC America is covering it but I don’t have that here in the apartment.

Or you can watch it all unfold in this widget, handily supplied by Google.

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November 4th, 2008 at 1:00 am

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