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Time was I blogged quite often but recently I am sure you have noticed not so much these days. And whilst I would never claim I wrote very much that was worth your time, I did feel like I had something to write. But not these days. I’m sure micro blogging a lot over at Twitter but I think I’ve pretty much reached a level of banality there that should probably get me un-followed.

So what’s up? Well, in order to have something to say one must have something going on and, well, there isn’t a single thing going on in my life. During the week I get up, go do my job, come back, go to sleep, rinse and repeat. I interact with no one outside work. There is probably an argument to say this statement is bogus but I stand by the fact that I have not a single friend in the USA, no one to go grab a beer with, no one to just hang out with (and yes there might 2 or 3 people who would be upset that I don’t count them as ‘friends’). Yeah, boo hoo, cry me a river – feel free to come get my mandolin if you don’t have a violin handy.

Weekends are a little different. I get to spend time with my sweet and lovely wife and loving dogs. But thanks to things I do not blog about, home is not somewhere I feel particularly comfortable in. And I have no friends there – we shop, we enjoy food and wine, we spend time at my in-laws. And if we do go to a social event I feel ill at ease as there’s no one who I feel comfortable with, or who even feels comfortable with me. Everyone wants to include me but I’m different, I’m difficult, I don’t fit in.

So yeah I could blog about how fed up I am, how futile it is to wake up every day and find myself still breathing but you don’t want to read that. You can turn to any news network and read how bad it is in the world today, what’s one more sad sap on a sorry blog? Heck, I know I don’t want to read that. So this blog will stay mostly dark for some time longer. I don’t see anything improving this side of the ‘other side’ but who knows? Flight 1549 survived a double engine failure: miracles do happen.

Friends don’t let friends blog drunk, but since I have none I went ahead anyway. I might delete this in the morning so enjoy my reflection while you can.

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February 5th, 2009 at 9:18 pm

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