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Wi-fi Even Weaker Under Leopard?

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My building is part of a free community wi-fi but for some reason my macbook has never been able to see it reliably enough to connect to it. My work VAIO has no trouble, even my Dell Axim can do it, poor macbook cannot. Fortunately, some kind soul nearby has an unsecured wireless network that the macbook can see and I have been using it ever since I canceled my cable modem service.

But…. post-Leopard install I have noticed that the wifi network now always appears with a very weak signal strength since the upgrade, and is almost useless. It could be coincidence but if this continues I may have to stop using the unsecured wifi in my building and pay for cable again (shudder). Or I suppose ditch the macbook ?

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November 15th, 2007 at 11:14 am

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