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A Little Credit Card Fraud

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Back in January I got a call from BMW Financial to verify an attempted charge to my MINI Visa card for Adipose RX. They said that they had denied the charge but wanted to check the card was in my possession. It was so they immediately canceled the card and issued a new one. I checked my Pay Pal Mastercard and found a charge for Adipose RX for $35. I called and filed a fraud complaint.

Thought nothing more about it but at the weekend I got a bottle of diet pills from Adipose and so looked at my credit cards again. What the heck, from my PayPal online transaction log:

PayPal Plus Credit Card
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Rather than call PayPal again (they have a terribly long menu system) I called the number on the statement and explained to the rep that they had charged two of my cards a total of three times without my permission and I’d like them to stop. Without skipping a beat or asking me any questions at all he said he’d cancel my account and refund my credit card for the two charges. Within a couple of minutes I received an email confirming my cancellation – how the heck did they get that, too!

If you Google Adipose RX you’ll find a ton of reports of people being signed up for shipments without their knowledge, no idea how they get hold of the financial information but clearly there is a serious fraud going on here. Anyway, I’m hoping the refund will show up soon and in the meantime I am watching my online statements closely.

Update: My credit card has been refunded the two fraudulent amounts

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March 9th, 2009 at 5:07 pm

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