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The Olympics

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Sitting in my hotel last week I watched a lot of Olympics which surprised me as in 2000 I found the US TV coverage of the games to be unpleasant and distasteful: no coverage of foreign athletes and way over the top hyping of even the most unqualified US contender. This time around it seems better, sure we don’t get to see events that aren’t contested by a strong US athlete and if a foreigner beats an America we often don’t see them for more than a split second, but I am enjoying the games this time around. Now if they would only show a British athlete…. but, I know, you blink in an early round and you’ve missed them.

In case anyone is wondering about my PC woes, I have everything working but the performance of the 3.2G P4 chip is sorry to say the least. I’ve learned that the people at ChipsAndMemory are clueless morons and I will never buy from them again. During the install my digital vidcam decided it didn’t want to talk the firewire any more which is a major pain since the 8mm film transfer relies on it. Canon vidcams are notorious (I have since found out) for not working with firewire cards. Odd thing is that it was working on my old machine fine before I built the new one; now it won’t work in either machine. I have other firewire devices that are working so its definitely an issue with the Canon camera.

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August 22nd, 2004 at 6:06 pm

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