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Really, why should we care?

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I had the misfortune to watch Inside Edition last night, ABC’s nightly update on all things celebrity. Really, why does anyone care what these people say or do? In most cases, these people aren’t even entertaining us, let alone doing anything worthwhile.

Richard Crowe says he was the target of an Al Qaeda plot to kidnap a, ahem, major Hollywood celebrity in order to destabilize our culture? Really, I don’t know what’s worse – who makes this stuff up, or who believes it? Gladiator was a good movie but his kidnapping isn’t going to send me setting cars alight in a panic.

Poor Martha has to wear a house-arrest bracelet – the horror!! We saw just how awful it is to be imprisoned in your own mansion enjoying your fortune and planning your next one. Defrauding your shareholders and lieing to the SEC never looked so attractive. Why do people care about this pointless ex-criminal?

And, finally, poor tsuami-victim supermodel, trying to restore her life after surviving that awful disaster. It must be tough pulling yourself together in your NYC penthouse apartment, with access to food and drink, comfort and warmth, all the things that the millions of the other surviviors are having to do without. But lets feel sorry for her, after all if we think about the real victims we might just grow a conscience.

Ok, I’ll try and get more sleep today.

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March 9th, 2005 at 10:05 am

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