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Quiz Time

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Whilst waiting for my drink at Panda Express I could see a young member of staff taking a quiz on a PC. Saw one question:

What is the correct thing to do when there is a jam[*] in a food processor?

  1. Always unplug the processor
  2. Use your fingers to unjam the processor
  3. Use a metal object to free the jam
  4. Never unplug the processor

The young girl reached for the training manual and started flipping through the pages. The supervisor serving me said to her “it’s number 1”, the girl stared at the screen. I got my drink and sat down to hear the supervisor say again “it’s number 1, really”.

Back to the old theme while I find a new one.
[*] I assume this refers to a blockage rather than a strawberry preserve used on toast.

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May 2nd, 2006 at 7:24 pm

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