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To Prop B or Not To Prop B?

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Prop B is a California proposition appearing on next week’s ballot. At stake is whether a landfill at Gregory Canyon gets built or not. Like most propositions, both sides have numerous television spots contradicting each other, confusing the issues and making it difficult to take an opinion. However, the really confusing thing is that a yes vote for prop B is a no vote for the landfill. If people in Florida can’t manage to follow an arrow on a ballot to know which box to put their ‘X’ in, how will people understand that if they don’t want the landfill than they have to vote yes? Or if they want the landfill they have to vote no?

No single of the week this week. Instead, I’m picking an anti-single of the week. William Shatner has covered Pulp’s Common People and its really scary. You can check it out here if you dare.

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October 29th, 2004 at 7:56 am

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