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Rumours of my death etc …

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Yeah, I am still alive (as you would know if you follow my twittering), at least by the medical definitions. Some random stuff….

  • ever since saying I was cutting back on food and alcohol it seems like I have vastly increased the amount of each I am consuming; this needs to stop
  • my department at work is at the beginning of a big re-organisation with London taking all the power, which probably means layoffs. Am I at risk? I’d say somewhat. Maybe less than some, definitely more than others. Time will tell.
  • was supposed to be going back to England for a couple of days for work but the changes have that on hold until the end of July, if at all
  • the annual bonus is due July 3rd, am eyeing up purchases such as a Kindle for Teri, an iPhone for me, or perhaps Apple TV. Oh, and a Lear Jet if I’ve done really well
  • summer is here in the Imperial Valley, last weekend saw 116F/47C, night temps are still down to the high 70’s though for now

Er, that’s it I guess. As you can see, nothing going on worthy of the electrons.

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June 27th, 2008 at 1:35 pm

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