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Snow and Ice – in San Diego?!

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Last Thursday I had a flying lesson at 7am, when I got to the plane my instructor was already there “de-icing” the wings. Freezing temperatures overnight had left a thin, but bumpy, layer of frost across the top of the wing. Understandably, Bob didn’t want to take off with that on there so I spent 15 minutes fetching small cups of hot water from the office to pour over the wing. It was probably 25 minutes later that we got off the ground.

This afternoon I drive to San Diego, get on top of the grade in driving rain, which quickly becomes soft snow falling. All around it resembles an alpine scene – untouched white snow covering the ground and buildings, the road slowly disappearing in front of me as the snow settles where it was only just recently plowed. We all slow to about 35 mph, the temp guage on the MINI says 32F and I can hear ice crunch under the wheels. The dynamic steering control on the MINI even comes on a couple of times though I never felt any loss of control.

I know its ‘winter’, but this is the ‘So’ in SoCal, whats with the snow and ice??

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December 5th, 2004 at 9:33 pm

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