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Too Many Music Sources

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I’m struggling to come up with a good plan for my music listening during the day at work. Right now:
I listen to a lot of music on the PC using iTunes which contains all the free CDs I get from Sony; MP3s I have bought from Amazon; free music from Starbucks (tied to my iTunes account). Listening off the PC is quite convenient and isn’t using up charge off any portable device.

All of my music, however, is on my iPod, significantly more than is on the PC and contains all of the above, every CD I own, and a lot of music that I have purchased from iTunes. Over the last few months I’ve found I listen almost exclusively to the PC rather than the iPod and when I think of something I want to hear on the iPod I find that it’s often uncharged.

And now I have the iPhone which currently has no music on it. It seems silly to me to have two music playing devices taking up space and weight in my bag but 26GB of music into an 8GB iPhone obviously does not go. And yet clearly I’m only listening to the same few MBs of music so it should be possible to come up with a good set for the iPhone and leave the iPod at home.

Making this more difficult is that the iPod syncs with the Mac Mini at home, and has all the music on it. The iPhone syncs with my Macbook Pro in the apartment which has no music on it at all. So to get things working is going to require a lot of copying, syncing, authorising which just seems like a lot of work.

Nothing is ever simple.

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September 3rd, 2008 at 8:57 am

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