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What is it with America and the Irish?

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I should be writing this tomorrow but I will be back on a plane heading for England.

Every year I get frustrated by St Patricks Day here in the US. People wear green, dredge their family trees for a glimmer of Irish to justify it all, and then get drunk on piss poor beer. Why oh why is it such a big deal, what happened to the St Andrew’s day celebrations, poor St David, or any of the other countries that helped seed the US.

Maybe I’m just jealous that no one wants to be English, or perhaps that I don’t look good in green, or that I have no Irish in me (almost certainly being the offspring of raping vikings), but mostly I think its because of the piss poor beer. Whats a celebration without a decent beer? Note to Brian: send Tuppers 🙂

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March 16th, 2005 at 10:09 am

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