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I Hate Computers

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I tried installing my employer’s VPN client off my new thumb drive yesterday, the machine had to reboot and it never came back up. Tried booting ‘last known good configuration’ but that doesn’t work, can’t even get into safe mode, gets so far and reboots. I tried the XP recovery console but it lists no services and says it can’t read the directory. I thought I’d put another install on my C drive, boot from it and see what I could do but the install CD says the CD drive needs to be formatted. Well, first, no, and second if it is unformatted how come just a few minutes ago you read the boot sequence from it?? I hate computers.

Last week at work I upgraded JDeveloper and Oracle’s Application Server and now my main project no longer executes properly. I know its a configuration issue but I really don’t have the interest in switching out files and parameters to fix what was never broken.

Did I tell you I hate computers?

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April 18th, 2005 at 8:17 am

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