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Computer Woes

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I’ve managed to get my home PC working again, it appears that my reboot problems weren’t caused by a faulty driver install but instead by a massive hard drive failure. I was able to get the C drive back using chkdsk and 3 of my other 5 partitions are also working again. The two partitions that won’t repair are, naturally, the ones with all of my photos on and the all my music files.

Yep, 17.6G of music is currently lost. I do have all the music on my iPod and a friend tells me that she has a program that will recover the music back to the hard drive so maybe it is not lost yet. And amazingly I found a backup of my pictures from last April so they aren’t all gone.

And in the meantime I am downloading every file recovery program I can find in the hope that one of them will work. But I think the CHKDSK program has probably scrambled the partitions beyond recognition now so I’m not sure I have much hope.

Fry’s has a 200Gb drive for $69.99 after rebates, and a350GB for $149 right now, looks like I’ll have to go do some shopping.

Oh, a belated happy st georges day to you.

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April 24th, 2005 at 11:28 am

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