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Life Goes On

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As the saying goes, life must go on, and for some stupid dumbshits, that means spamming websites. Whilst I was gone this site and my MINI one accumulated 400 comments and over 50 pointless trackbacks. I really fail to see how any of it makes sense, that there is any value (monetary or kudos) to spending the time to do it. So time to put in place more barriers, maybe I will add one of those word icons that you have to copy when you add a comment, and I’m definitely going to close comments for posts that are old.

Well, after some playing around I’ve decided to give WP-Hashcash a try. I like the premise of how it works and I think it should be almost undefeatable. We’ll see…

Ok, looks like the plugin is interacting with this theme to prevent Firefox from displaying the comment page. Works fine in IE, and on my Flying blogpage in both browsers, so must be something funky with the comments page….

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October 13th, 2005 at 6:08 am

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